Best Selling in Flashes See all. Probably doesn’t have anything to do with this file. Most relevant reviews See all 11 reviews. The slide holder is also constructed of plastic, with four slots along the top edge into which the slides may be loaded. The edges of each slot set absolute limits for the horizontal position of the slide mount, but there’s a bit more play about a full millimeter side-to-side with slides than is present in the filmstrip adapter.

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You can click any point on the curve and drag it, and the rest of the curve will bend smoothly to pass through the point you’ve defined. Great work and contributions everyone! As we write this, we’re still searching for our “formula” that works best for scanner reviews, but are generally settling on a format in which we step through the scanner controls in the approximate order that a user would encounter them.

The film adapter is hinged, but only to the extent that a plate flips up to expose the recess into which the film is laid.

Konica Minolta QuickScan 35 Plus Scanner

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This seemed to do a good job of keeping the film plane well-centered about the point of optimum focus. When prompted for driver choose downloaded. With the pattern facing one way, we got sharp results, but decidedly blurry ones with it facing the other.

Film Handling The Dimage Scan Speed uses plastic slide- and filmstrip-holders to carry the film to the scanner: They’re simple to master, but quite powerful to use. Kain Anderson suggest to use the “legacy” driver under Windows 7, not the new one.


A little of both? Low contrast means that there’s not a great deal of difference in the brightness values between the brightest and darkest pixels.

About this product Product Information Just right for meeting your digital scanning needs and capturing digitized records in a variety of settings, this Konica Minolta slide and film scanner is dependable and helpful. Frequently, after playing with an image for a few minutes, you end up with something that looks worse than when you started! The edges of each slot set absolute limits for the horizontal position of the slide mount, but there’s a bit more play about a full millimeter side-to-side with slides than is present in the filmstrip adapter.

MINOLTA Minolta QuickScan 35 film scanner QS Real Yahoo auction salling

Notice the large “hump” near the middle of each curve? Notice how the curves occupy much more of the available horizontal space, meaning that pixel values are spread much more evenly across the available tonal range. We found that the Dimage Scan Speed produced very good scans with the default settings, and excellent ones with only minor tweaking of the scan controls. A particular strength of the Dimage qqs is the extent to which it provides powerful controls for experienced users, while at the same time offering a simple interface for novices.

Accordingly, we’ll devote a sizable of this review to talking about the software that drives Minolta’s Dimage family of scanners, and the Dimage Scan Speed in particular. I will be very happy if this works in my win7 Solid, full featured flash I got this to work with my old minopta as well as my Sony DSLR non-integrated with adaopter. Scanning resolution can be as high as dpi a element CCD covering the width of a 35mm slide or negative.


Note in this though, mjnolta while the scans produced by the Dimage Scan Speed have a somewhat “softer” appearance to them, they in 28000 appear to carry an extremely high level of detail, as evidenced by the results from our WG ISO resolution target scans.

List of Minolta products

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Likewise, a curve bulging upward results in a brighter image overall, and one drooping downward makes for a darker one.

Operation and User Interface Other than the actual scans themselves, most of the story minlota be told about a film scanner has to do with the software that drives it, and to what extent the combination of hardware and software makes it easy to produce good-quality scans. A large peak on a histogram graph means there’s a lot of pixels a large area with roughly the same brightness values.

I typically use two set at low monolta inside one softbox and they recycle almost immediately. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Often, we find ourselves wanting to save a group of settings before engaging in further experimentation, so we have a known good point to return to if our twiddling goes awry.

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These are used to set the brightness values the scanner minoolta consider to be the minimum blackmaximum whiteand a middle value grayfor each of the color channels.