The configuration summary is displayed in the window. Improve productivity by locating the printer near the workgroup. The information of the printer is displayed in the windows. Relieve the need of a workstation running the remote printer utility. Please be aware that Network Ports Quick Setup Utility can only detect and configure all print servers on the same network, it cannot search and configure print servers on other subnets across network segments. Pass Job when Error Occurred:

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The print server also has a built-in DHCP server. This utility provides the most complete management and configurationfunctions on the print server side. You have added the printer to the PC successfully. You can even share your printer to Internet users. Display Print Server Network Status.

MicroNet SP755D User Manual

Please refer to section7. In order to use the remote printing function, you will have to proceed withnormal Add Printer procedure and select your printer port as the newlyadded remote printer port. This print serverallows your printer to become a shared device on the network.

Connect the print server to the printer you want to share on the network. Wp755d to enable required printing protocol.


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Page 24 The Administrator Installation procedure is totally completed. You have now successfully created the print queue that your print server will serve. It also lists DHCP server setting. Set up the name of this print server. All of your previous setup will be cleared. The number is IPP standard port number.

You have to assign the NetWare server name, print server polling interval and the name of queue on the NetWare server for each printer port. Web Management Introduction Print server can be configured and managed on the Web. Set up the name of this print server.


Hardware Installation Unpack the print server package and verify that all the items listed in the section 1. Page 20 Select the components you want to install. Print Server Network Functions 1.

NetWare Network Chapter 6. Network Printing Environment Common network environment are classified as following: Remote Ports — Add the network port of remote printer server to your PC. Windows Xp Sp2 Setup Peer-to-peer Network Peer-to-Peer Network System Architecture Print server supports Windows Peer-to-Peer network printing mode, which is suitable for most medium and small network environments.


Improve productivity by locating the printer near the workgroup. The print server also has a built-inDHCP server. NetWare server in the network environment. Don’t have an account?

When the printer is interrupted because of paper out or off line while printing, user can set the interval time to bypass the current printing job. This print server supports NetWare Bindery Printing method.

MicroNet Technology SPD User Manual | 99 pages | Also for: SP

The print server should now be available for printing from your Unix host. Select to enable required printing protocol.

You have completed the installation phase and prepare to configure thePrint Server.