Navigation menu Personal tools. Normally it’d work fine. I have a different internet key Olivetti Olicard but the behavior was the same. Passwords of 12 characters or more are far more difficult to guess than 8 character passwords. A green tick and an assigned IP address means these devices are active. Any workaround this would be great.

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Maxis or Celcom broadband: how to setup in Mac?

The first installation must be done with csrutil disable. Try again with different locations where got coverage.

Restart computer after that and again start in recovery mode and now enter in terminal csrutil enable. Subscribe to this forum Receive email notification when a new topic is posted in this forum and you are not active on the board. What’s the difference mxais E??

Thanks a lot, Felippe30! Default password is made up of random numbers and letters and is different for each device. Oct 4, 8: I Am facing the same behavior, with csrutil disable all run perfect. This did work for my friend and and instructions were spot on.


This post has been edited by TSOM: Click Apply when done UPnP Enabled by Default Lets any program broabdand any port to anywhere without authentication by-passing your firewall. He didn’t register my SIM card previously. More info you can found here https: He had no issues with it while using it in Yosemite, but after the update to El Capitan it is not working. Check your phone line and try reconnecting”.

Nov 2, 6: Isn’t this supposed to be wireless? Now it’s starts and you can use internet as usually. This page was last modified on 6 Marchat Recommended Recommend at least 12 characters or longer, can be up to 63 characters, mixed case including numbers and punctuation, avoid using words in the dictionary: It may maxid possible that someone is stealing your bandwidth if there is a device that you don’t know.

I can finally get connected.

MyMaxis App | Maxis

Show posts by this member only Post 9. Dec 23, I can install it on MAC, but I can’t get it connected. I think we braodband wait till huawei make new drivers.


Mar 28 It does not work with Huawei latest HiLink driver for Mac But after you put csrutil enable, the modem cannot detect any sim card inside it again. Helpful answers Drop Down menu.

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Oct 4, Install, and then put csrutil enable again? It is not recommended that you ban devices that should not be allowed on your Wifi. Brpadband workaround this would be great.