Around , Matrox introduced a newer version of G, called GA. This page was last edited on 4 January , at Retrieved from ” https: This feature is known as “DualHead” and was a decisive edge for Matrox over the card’s competitors at the time. As drivers matured these problems disappeared.

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A bit bus reduces the board’s complexity and cost because fewer traces have to be used, and potentially the pin-count of the graphics processor can be significantly reduced if the chip is designed only for a bit bus. As millnnium the 2D part, it’s safe to say the videocard has no known flaws. Matrox Millennium GAnandtech. It is capable of bit rendering color depth although the performance hit is considerable.

However, contrary to the video mode’s name, G does not support full DVD katrox hardware acceleration. By doubling the internal data path with two separate buses instead of just a wider single bus, Matrox reduced latencies in data transfer by improving overall bus efficiency.

G does have partial support for the DVD video decoding process but it does not perform inverse discrete cosine transform IDCT or motion compensation in hardware the two most demanding steps of the process. This page was last modified on 5 Aprilat Performance of this card is slightly above the G and G This feature is known as “DualHead” and was a decisive edge for Matrox over the card’s competitors at the time.


Only a few games supported the feature, such as Dungeon Keeper 2 and Millennium Soldier: With regard to its hardware, G’s triangle setup engine, called the “Warp Engine” ironically, was somewhat slower than the counterparts aboard the competition’s cards.

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All milleninum with dead external links Articles with dead external links from Mqtrox Webarchive template wayback links. AroundMatrox introduced a newer version of G, called GA. Com, 10 August Perhaps the most notable feature of G is its ability to drive two separate monitors to display a single desktop.

This was only used for the Headcasting software. Unfortunately Matrox never described the functionality of this component in-depth so little is known about it.

Matrox P690 Plus LP PCI

Matrox G series, especially the Ge is still a popular choice for server motherboard manufacturers, like DELL’s PowerEdge series, due to its robustness, low power consumption and limited features needed just for VGA display.

Matrox took the technology developed from the G project, refined it, and basically doubled it up to form the G processor. It features a unique anti-aliasing technique called fragment anti-aliasing that provides very high quality claimed 16X-equivalent MSAA. Eventually a full OpenGL driver was released at around the same time as G’s.


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Early drivers had some problems with Direct3D as well. The G continually received official driver updates into Performance is similar to a GeForce4 Ti.

G was one of the first cards to support this feature [ citation marox ]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Newer versions, including Mystiquekept appearing until summer Codenamed ” Toucan “, it was a more powerful and refined version of its predecessor, the G G’s rendering pipelined uses what Matrox called “Vibrant Color Quality millennijm VCQ2a functionality in which all internal 3D calculations are done with bit precision.

Like the Impression, it is a rudimentary 3D accelerator with support for gouraud shading. It is purely a Direct3D 6.

There are no WDM drivers available for this card. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were a few games included with the card that interfaced with it.

NET Framework, even if version 2.