If Auto is grayed-out, the termination is automatic, not programmable. This item can be used to ignore a device and to decrease boot time by disabling the inquiry of unused SCSI identifiers. To mirror a disk that contains existing data, first select the disk with data to be retained; this drive becomes the primary copy of an integrated-mirrored array. Specifies the removable-media support option for an adapter. Mirroring provides protection against data loss by storing two copies of the data on separate disks. This allows the user to select disks on this channel to be members of a mirrored array.

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Press Enter, type in a value and then press Enter again to specify a new timeout value.

Asus Maximus X Apex & LSi Logic SASE PCI-Ex8

If, while using it, you disable all of your controllers, pressing Ctrl-A or Ctrl-E on version 5. All, None or Supported. I would buy a z server mobo but unfortunately there is no such card as far as I know. Select a minimum of two disks in this column. To wait for any key after displaying a message, specify Yes. A RAID1 array is a simple sector-to-sector physical mirror of one disk to another disk. Indicates whether an adapter in the boot list was enabled during the most recent boot.


Provides static information text, which is typically the product title and version. For more information, see Section D. There is a reason server and workstation boards command a price premium and have validation lists for controller cards.

These codes indicate the reason why the Configuration utility has disabled the selection of some disks. Optional Select a single hot spare. Allows you to enable an adapter to join a cluster of adapters without doing any SCSI-bus resets.

Allows adding a hot-spare disk to an existing volume, as long as no hot-spare disks fusioon-mpt defined. Originally Posted by Petrufel. Lists the status of each physical disk in the array.

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The default value is 2 seconds, with options between 1 and 10 seconds. To remove an adapter from the boot list, press the Delete key while the cursor is on the desired adapter in the Boot Adapter List. The main menu includes the following two selections:. If finished with this screen, press the ESC key. Indicates the maximum data width in bits. Only one array can be active at a time per fusion-mt adapter.

To obtain default settings, press Enter.


The PCI ID Repository

I’ll take a closer look on different brands now. The Video Mode setting can be either Color or Monochrome. Provides the current main area menu, if applicable. Use the arrow keys to select the desired adapter pxi press Enter to add it to the end of the Boot Adapter List.

Since time-outs provide a safeguard that allows the system to recover if an operation fails, it is recommended to use a value greater than zero. CHS Mapping includes two settings:. Indicates the SCSI identifier of an adapter [] or [].

Function range fusion-mpy – 7 Bits Indicates the SCSI identifier of the device. Caution – If you reboot the system without properly exiting from this utility, some changes may not take effect.

Changing this item will affect disk letter assignment s if more than one device is attached to an adapter. Defines how the Cylinder Head Sector values are mapped onto a disk without pre-existing partition information.