Over time the project evolved in much more then only showing you real-time information that matters, Remote Display Analyzer is also able to show you which settings you can change and change them on the fly! The result is lower bandwidth and a better experience over latent connections. Default settings with DCR enabled. In other words, this is the minimal acceptable JPEG quality, the following minimum quality levels can be set:. DCR on default settings with graphics quality set to lossless — Mbit consumed.

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It does apply to W7, maybe Citrix did not want to it include it in the template as it is not supported on WS R2, W10 etc. Lower Still — Experimental 8-bit Mode!

May reduce the user experience for users running highly graphical applications such as CAD. A minor question, though: Framehawk is designed for remote users, who may experience high pevel and packet loss.

Using the Remote Display Analyser application. For a complete list see http: So this is how the Remote Display Analyzer project has started.

Thinwire Compatibility Tuning: Lowering Your Bandwidth Even Further

If you start the HDX Monitor with the default settings in place you will see the following screen:. When upgrading Sites, benchmark current performance metrics to get an idea of what experience users currently get.


Disabled Audio over UDP: This is really becoming confusing and challenging to keep up to date with the successive releases. Make a policy which applies levle low level of Lossy compression for you LAN users and filter them on internal IP ranges and give it a higher priority then your default policy. You can also use tags so only certain users connect to those VDAs.

Citrix Policy Settings – Carl Stalhood

Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that might require you to reinstall your operating system. January 30, 2. After an update to 7. The remaining settings are User settings. Should be applied to all sessions on a server.

RFC – Thinwire protocol for connecting personal computers to the Internet

Rikesh September 14, Click Add next to the setting Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers. This will help you make decisions going forward and re-evaluate decisions with new deployments.

Default printer mapping only configured. DCR on default settings with graphics quality set to lossless — Mbit consumed.


But we can consider to improve the user experience for LAN scenarios by lowering the Lossy compression level or turning it off. This means that if a WDDM driver fails at most the affected application will quit unexpectedly. Change the Categories drop-down to Client Sensors.

Required endpoint to be DirectX capable. Will this be ok? After installing the beta on the test servers turned out that we had to force the server to choose the compatibility mode. The only 3 parameters that I see are: The encoding and decoding procedure results in extra CPU processing on VDA and end-user device so keep this in mind as it will affect server scalability.

This is done by implementing the following registry key:. StoreFront must be 3. Disabled ensures uniform background color Extra color compression: