Updating to the latest Centrino Wireless-N adapter seemed to improve speeds somewhat but they are still slower than expect and there are still issues with range. Bought my u a week ago at Mediamart in bergenopzoom,The Netherlands — same poor wifi conection here. The wifi disconnects and only comes back after removing my hard drive. I figure it’s also better since I’ll probably upgrade my computer in the next year or two, so no use in spending a lot of time and effort installing a new network card if I can get similar results in a USB card. Wifi signal is steady, but speeds drop drastically after walking a few feet.

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We have to manually configure lenovo. This thread is locked. WiFi card replacement on Lenovo U self. Message 2 of The issue is with WiFi speed and range. Message 7 of I bought a U after usung a U for 18 months. Problems with WiFi range and speed have been reported by a number of users. Bumps inside of 3 days will be removed from public view. A good balance between mobility and productivity.

Thank you for the reply but as I stated in the first post Lenvoo have tried that, the option is grayed out. Your highest level of industry certification, or highest IT related job title held in the last 5 years.


Lenovo IdeaPad U/U WiFi Issues

I returned it to Lenovo but they have not yet give me a solution. Take a look at all of the most recently released content on our webpage http: Is replacing my WLAN card in this laptop to one that lenoo suck a viable option? Acer Aspire E11 ES1 Trusted user flair has been added as a means of verification that a user has a substantial knowledge of networking. I am using an external 2. I think, now the stock of u in Thailand maybe older than 23 July, I had bought u last week and it had the wifi problem same issue, I think lenovo should be announce to return all of the problem machine if not it is the last time for lenovo.

Moderator Note; please refrain from bumping threads inside of 3 days. I just bought an U from an IT fair.

I want to have my internal card working again. The U seems to have exceedingly short range, unable to find a connection where other devices have no problem.

Apparently Lenovo have re-engineered the WiFi now and all models u40 after July 23rd have the new build. From the same distance from the router the U reported an excellent signal whereas the U reported poor. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. I also just bought the Lenovo Yoga, and in many cases it also has wireless problems.


The wifi disconnects and only u140 back after removing my hard drive. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Bought my u Friday, returned it today Monday. What’s the best Intel ultra-mobile CPU? I found the problem with WiFi next day when Lap Top arrived. I believed him — looked good.


Lenovo U not y i7 hdd upgrade. The range plus speed were not as much as par with additional equipment utilizing the same access […]. The network adapter troubleshooter says the wi-fi capability is not turned on. Same with Mobile phones in elevators.