Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and Jaybird Here’s a selection of the best headphone shopping values this holiday season. Remove the screw holding the original feed guide and then the guide. Remove the image formation unit see page Cleaning blade Waste toner tank Figure Attach the original holder 15 cpm copier only. Remove the two C rings, gear and two bushings and then remove the heat roller.

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Purpose To clear data as required at times such as during maintenance service.

When the restriction is set, the number of sheets that can be ejected continuously to the internal eject tray will be limited to Remove the stop ring and two gears toward the rear side of the ST paper feed unit.

Misadjusted center line kyocers image printing.

Also used to make copy image darker or lighter. Paper feed pulleys 7. Remove the printer cover and rear cover.

Description Setting range Initial setting A paper jam in the clutch malfunctions. If it has reached the specified limit, replace the developer.


Up to x dpi. Poor contact in the Reinsert the connector. Also to change the toner density if an image is too dark or light. Remove the rear cover and the shield cover. Display Operation Only the copier operates.

Remove the two screws holding the DF lower left cover and theb the cover. If none, replace Original Original feed motor coil.

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PC Connectivity Connection Availability. U Copying without paper Description Simulates the copy operation without paper feed. Remove the image formation unit see page U Switching copy operation at toner empty detection Description Selects if continuous copying is enabled after toner empty is detected, and sets the number of copies that can be made after the detection.

Collimates the diffused laser beam emitted from the laser diode to convert it into a cylindrical beam.

Kyocera Mita KM 1810P – multifunction printer (B/W)

Tape Figure Install a toner container. Method Press the start key. Purpose To check the automatically set toner sensor control voltage. Purpose To check operation of all the keys and LEDs on the operation panel.

K,-1810 the main switch off and disconnect the power plug. Safety Precautions Safety precautions This booklet provides safety warnings and precautions for our service personnel to ensure the safety of their customers, their machines as well as themselves during maintenance activities. Fixing heater Figure Turn the main switch off and disconnect the Upper shield cover power plug. If it isreplace the fixing unit The fixing heater thermistor wire.



Page – Replace the developer Page – Transfer section Page – Fixing section Page – Detaching and refitting the fixing heate U Adjusting the leading edge registration for scanning an original on the contact glass Adjustment See page ST paper feed pulleys It conveys the original across the DF contact glass in synchronization with the copier scanning operation.

Also checks the transfer output voltage. Cooling fan motor CFM