The German text displayed in vganleit. Can anybody help me? You’ll need to figure out the drive letter for your flashdrive. When Initializing and Formatting are done, eject the LS diskette, remove the tape covering the hole and re-insert the diskette. My problem is same as Mr. In order to determine your Windows version, please do the following:. Posted July 31,

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Imation flash drive mini not recognized by win 98

Home Help Login Register. Solved imation not recognized problem After doing a websearch, on google. NT So why not put the driver on a CD?

I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool. I have attached a screen shot of the boot sector of a virgin Caleb MB diskette. The post I’ve moved used to precced this one and it’s contents are preserved in as the material before the second quote. Technical details can be found at http: My email address is darrylhall. It didn’t work, I got an error message.


I have no idea how many caleb drives were produced only in the period Nov-Dec ?? Posted August 10, Winzip should decompress rar archives, but win988 it does not go to www.

Imation 4GB Nano Pro

Yes, my password is: I do not have a LS so I don’t know what is required but the previous Posts are not encouraging You could use any of those to download or copy the driver to on another PC and read it on your old computer.

Way to go, Multibooter! MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. When I repeated the demagnetization of these remaining 5 bad LS diskettes and re-initialized them on a another LS drive with apparently very good alignment, 3 of these 5 diskettes could be re-initialized.

The German text displayed in vganleit. The left-bay LS module of my laptop, as perhaps also the LS drives of other laptop makes, may function in a special din98 with the help of the laptop BIOS. I clicked on search microsoft web site.

If you do not have or cannot find csmapper. Well, gdisk can do it, but it’ll write an MBR there. ASC by pressing ‘F’ when vganleit is up, more info: Win98 max memory is 2 GB. I did download a generic usb flash support driver from. Sign in with Twitter. Some manufacturers do however, provide the Windows 98 drivers on CD, others have them available to download, and others simply do not have them available at all.


Salmon Trout on April 03, Free Computer Technical Support:: Whether a particular drive model can re-initialize and re-format a demagnetized LS diskette depends mainly on the bridge.

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The media preparation by SuperDisk Format Utility consists of 2 parts: I’m sure you can manage it from here.

Please try again now or at a later time. Did you try this?