Quick Button Utility Opening this compartment, or accessing the CPU in any way, may vi- olate your warranty. Choose High performance for maximum performance when the computer is pow- ered from an AC power source. Attaching Other Displays Preface On the Road In addition to the general safety and maintenance suggestions in this preface, and Chapter 8: The wrong battery type may explode, leak or damage the computer. If you are using an ex- ternal mouse your op- Once you have installed the TouchPad driver see

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Power Management Battery Life Battery life may be shortened through improper maintenance.

Gericom SuperSonic Force MSU Manuals

The TouchPad buttons function in much the same way as a two-button mouse. The wrong battery type may explode, leak or damage the computer.

B-8 Fingerprint Reader Module Connect it to the external monitor port on the right of the computer. Choose High performance for maximum performance when the computer is pow- ered from an AC power source. Hot Key Utility model C Computers If you swipe your finger over the reader at any time you can access the Biomenu to lock the computer, register websites, open the Control Center and access the Help menu.


Servicing Do not attempt to service the computer yourself.

This mode will drive multiple displays with the same content. Via Video Driver Controls Windows XP Information Nvidia Nview Desktop Manager Operation The settings may be adjusted to set the display to turn off after a specified time, and Table 3 – 1, on to send the computer into Sleep after a period of inactivity. How do I maintain the battery?

Via Video Driver Installation Additional Properties nvidia Log In or Register Welcome Guest. Stand By Mode Vs.

The following conventions will Parallel Printer help you to add a printer; however it is always best to refer to the printer manual for specific instructions and configuration options. Hibernate Power Management Hibernate Hibernate uses the least amount of power of all the power-saving states and saves all of your information on a part of the hard disk before it turns the system off. Hot Key Buttons Page 16 Preface Application Quick Buttons Figure 7 – 1 Taskbar Menus Click icon Upgrading The System Memory ram Set Supervisor Password security Menu Right View Page 36 – System Map: These can hinder proper performance and damage your data.

Downloads Laptop&PC Drivers: Gericom SuperSonic Force MSU Notebook for Windows XP-Vista

Page 19 Preface Power Management Beginners And Not-so-advanced Users Power Safety Warning You should not perform any of these upgrades if: Setup Menus Along the top of the screen is a menu bar with five 5 menu headings. You can also adjust the settings for each scheme to set Operation the monitor to turn off after a specified time, and the computer’s hard disk motor to turn 117120 if the hard disk drive has not been accessed for a specified period of time if Press a key on the key- the system reads or writes data, the hard disk motor will be turned back on.


Navigating the Control Panel Navigate through the control panels in much the same way as you would a web page. New Hardware Found Push the Card Reader Cover card into the slot and it will appear as a removable device, and can be accessed in the same way as your hard disk s.

Windows Mobility Center