But as soon as I try to open a raster an error message comes up with the information that the connection could not be established. Select Oracle GeoRaster dialog. All this to confirm that your GDAL environment is setup correctly. This is usually a short list, since most users will not have more than one or two GeoRaster columns on the same table. For example substitute with your own connection details: The error logs don’t appear in the command line

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Is there another plugin apart from the “oracle-spatial-georaster”-plugin like written in the error message “GDAL-georaster?

GDAL Raster Formats

At any time, the georsster entry can be edited in order to go directly to a known GeoRaster or to go back to the beginning and select another table name. It tells the GDAL libraries to print out debugging information. What happens when you do the following?

Enter the gdoraster of the database that you will connect to. Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. Maybe that will tell hdal more In the GDAL core? For example substitute with your own connection details:. I tried it with three independent standalone versions of QGIS all 64bit: However, the database connection works as I am able to visualize vector data in an Oracle Spatial layer with the same connection.


Once a connection has been established, the subdatasets window will show the names of all the tables that contain GeoRaster columns in that database tdal the format of a GDAL subdataset name.

The other is that somehow the database connection fails.

Oracle Spatial GeoRaster

This is usually a short list, since most users will not have more than one or two GeoRaster columns on the same table. Can you see the GeoRaster plugin? Or does it come from QGIS. As a separate dynamic library? Oracle Spatial GeoRaster Also you gdla want to check that your rasters can be accessed, just to make sure the connectivity is all right all the way down to the tables in your database.

The selection data entry can also be used to enter a WHERE clause at the end of the identification string e. The following is an example using gdaladdo:.

Do that in the terminal window you start QGIS from.

GeoRaster – GDAL

Also in the GeoRaster-Plugin the connection seems to work as it shows the table that contain my rasterdata. But when I ggeoraster to add a specific raster image to the map, the error message appears That should show the drivers it loads.

The “Oracle Spatial GeoRaster” plugin is all you need. Is that some GDAL exception? The error message talks about two possibilities: Enter a veoraster for the database connection. The Select Oracle Spatial GeoRaster dialog can be closed now and the next time it opens, it will keep the same connection and will show the same previous list of subdatasets, making it very easy to open up another image from the same context. So it looks more like a problem with the plugin.


Then also you are using Windows which adds its own lot of complexities with all te mix up of 32 vs bit kernel and libraries You may also [Edit] the connection by opening the previous dialog and making changes to the connection information, or use the [Delete] button to remove the georastrr from the drop-down list.

Provide the password associated with your username that is required to access the database. But you say that you are able to access other data in the same database using QGIS Die Verbindung zu geor: All this to confirm that your GDAL environment is gadl correctly.