You say it ‘shuts down every time you plug it in’, on my old Etrex I tended to plug it in then switch it on What is the value of the resistor? Also see which interface is set to the unit. There’s no issue with the compass on the Etrex 20 I have one but the electronic compass on the Etrex 30 has caused some people some problems. If hiking or not showing maps less CPU power for screen redraws , or having the map orientation to the north, running time will increase.

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This is while showing maps and riding a mtb. Battery capacity is great. Saved tracklogs cannot be uploaded to openstreetmap. Any experience with what they really charge after they fix things? You can easily display OSM maps on this device by getting a hold of a gmapsupp. I will provide some values for the resistance tommorow. Yes OK, I know strictly speaking you’re right This is the way forums should work. Connect the device with a USB cable and issue:. Anything I can do to fix it without sending it to Garmin?


I will provide my final solution, when ready. My unit is out of warrantee. Accuracy reported to be 11ft when mounted on my bike handlebars. This device has two options for trace recording – internal memory and microSD card.

Have you tried to update reinstall the vista software via WebUpdater? What is the value of the resistor? Also see which interface is set to the unit. There is a OpenSeaMap-vector chart, covering whole Europe. Categories Discussions Sign In. Latest units Aug are shipping with v3. Garmin Discontinued GPS unit. The backlight is the brightest of any garmin outdoor unit.

Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

Does that also cause it to shut down? As can be seen, even at “Most often” automatic mode is not satisfactory.

Once files are written the device will silently stop logging to the card. With 1 second sampling built-in memory fills up fairly quickly. Strange, haven’t heard of that one before.

It is thus suggested to choose between “0. This way I could now save my waypoints and tracks stored on the device. After such an operation it is still suggested to manually clean etrrx “blobs” of points if having stayed in one location especially indoors for some period of time. In other languages Add links.


Garmin Etrex Vista HCx – Shuts down when USB plugged in

New unit is looking better by the hour Should be set to “Garmin” protocol for communication. If recording to the microSD card, traces are written in gpx format, which is suitable for OpenStreetMap usage. While Vista is turned off, hold the joystick up.

For external power source. To do so, press menu button from the map view, Setup map, and in the leftmost page set “Lock On Road” to “Off”.