If no other applications are blocking the port then a call to tech support is needed to determine where the failure is occurring. Right click this entry and select Properties. It will not work on “none”. Hyperterminal does not work with USB connections. It has small enough increments to accurately weigh small items but goes up to lbs. No, it does not work with our version 5. Also added support for Fairbanks Ultegra and Ultegra Junior scales

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No, it does not work with our version 5. Thank tekgems for the response.

Endicia ES 7500U scale

Response output string may begin at any character position and rrepeats a number of times in output up to the 30 character limit. Our next beta release 5.

Will have to upgrade ASAP. The Dymo M25 uses a standard USB connection and does not require any additional set up to ebdicia recognized by your computer. That would obviously simplify my troubleshooting but I dunno how to interrogate it and I haven’t found anything in the scales owners manual that would help Reply author: In either configuration, SEOM will send the following:.


SEOM only pulls the value from the first line. Digit positions are read left to right.

Thanks mtbstone for the reply. The 25lb scale model is now an M I am awaiting delivery of one of these scales to add it to the support list. The five digit weight reading is broken down as follows:. Is that enough to go on, or do I need to dig deeper? How do I know which number to choose? I’m able eendicia use a Salter Brecknell SB. Hyperterminal does not work with USB connections.

Dazzle holds the port open preventing access. SEOM reads the weight in grams, performs the appropriate conversion and returns the total weight in kilograms.

The Scale Settings below are encicia the default settings applied to the scale at the Fairbanks factory. The remainder of the data is ignored. I make sure they are back asap. Is this one compatible? The other issue remaining is that I have to separately set the weight in Dazzle by using the scale.

Other scales can often be configured to simulate one of these scales.

I cannot find any info in your knowledge base that mentions anything other than the smallest endicia scale. If you intend to send over a scale for addition, please make sure a return shipment label is present in the box so we can expedite the scale’s return. If the scale was the last item plugged in, it will be the last item in the list. Keep in mind that not all scales listed in our application are supported for both methods. I am running Windows 7. Follow these steps to determine the vendor E7500u and product ID of your device:.


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You need to set the parameter “scaleport” to a number ie 1. For an application such as ours that needs to use the device, we must be able to poll for its existence – thus we must know something about it – then open a port to it prior to reading any response data.

ScalePort parameter value is ignored for USB. Scale may be set up in “high resolution” or “classifier” mode.