All of that doesn’t matter now. We will arrange to send your item s within 3 working days after payment received, Mondays to Fridays, except public holidays. Just wanted to add something to the information you have here. Does anyone know a way around this please?? Very good of you to reply to all these posts: But one issue I have same as James above is that when I access the ipcam through Internet Explorer both at home and at my office and try to record footage, no video file is saved. I managed to do most things but when I click on “open” to view the easyn camera a webpage comes up saying “Oops!

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Estimated arrival time depends on the following factors: I’m afraid those characters aren’t clear on my system.

Anonymous November 1, at 7: I would suggest either: Anonymous December 24, at Anonymous November 23, at 9: I can set static ip and mac in the router but how do I find mac of wifi of the camera?

I have my easyn working when wired but when I disconnect there’s nothing.


Hi I have an Easy N ipcam that works great but last week I installed a dream box satellite and the cam stopped working. Anonymous December 25, at 3: The connection details provided here are crowd sourced from the community and may be incomplete, inaccurate or both.

EasyN F-M136 Wireless IP Camera

The links don’t work; some buttons arent even functional, just static images. We accept negotiations for fair price.

Unknown October 31, at I can view it locally but when i view it out the LAN using easgn browser it came up with that message. I’m a software developer, not a networks specialist and they are a whole discipline in themselves.

Anonymous March 19, at 9: Anonymous January 22, at Check out my Lelong’s Store for more and more items listed for grab, http: Very good of you to reply to all these posts: Anonymous October 23, at 6: I’m glad you found it useful.

Anonymous April 25, at Mike February 5, at I have put it down to cheap cameda.

EasyN | IP Cameras | Network Cameras

How does one make use of the two-way audio functionality built-in mic and speaker? We give an access to everything buyer need at competitive prices. However Gmail blocks teh emails as spam. The upnp option is useful if you want your router to dynamically allocate a port forwarding for you, usually the same port as your camera’s, then you have to be sure that the allocated port is not already allocated on the router by another service; in this situation upnp will show an error message.


Obviously a lot of traffic going somewhere but can’t find why. Anonymous May 6, at 8: Downloaded the APP for my samsung from google apps EasyN F but when I open the app and click “add” it searches but doesn’t find the camera for me to start the process. I’ve seen examples of things ‘sort of’ communicating even when by rights they shouldn’t: Perebrine February 11, at After acknowledging your request of return, we shall send a courier to your door, pick up the package, and have it sent back to our office directly; all of these without you paying a cent!