The software is intuitive and detailed. A buck buys you your first 30 days of service. It does not, however, allow 3rd-party supplementary data to be imported. Find Places of Interest. I like the user reviews on Amazon. Mobile Apps by Lance Whitney Dec 17, Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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Only waypoint, gas stations, etc can be gls in a search. Voice The voice tab of the software is where you train the software to recognize your voice for issuing routing and GPS commands while tracking. Add Local Roads to Earthkate A DeLorme exclusive, this is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or added between DeLorme software releases.

Also, when the map finally moves it leaves a blank pattern in its wake until the sytem catches up.

DeLorme Earthmate GPS BT-20 – GPS navigator

Bought this when I was mapping and looking for earthkate in Select short distances for city travel and longer ones for highway travel where you may exit frequently for roadside travel services. It’s a little higher but the bluetooth never fails. The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip.

I was able to return earthmatd as it seems to be a hardware problem. Add VIAs to force the routing to take the roads you prefer. The POIs can be accessed using the many Find capabilities or by right-clicking on the map and selecting places based on type and distance from the map center. Within the GPS tab of the Options section of the E-Z Nav toolbar, you can select or type the off-route distances you want to travel before the automatic recalculations kick in.


This nav app may be smart, but it’s no genius. The first tech support person told me to “just use help” at the top to figure it out.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The crowdsourced driving directions app now lets you add widgets so you can track your ETA more easily and quickly. Access the maps you want from the desktop software and hot-sync to your PDA. Find DeLorme employs several powerful search capabilities within the software. Similar to some of the better online photo resources, MapShare allows you to provide controlled access to your important maps without worrying about email and spam filters.

I hope some one can use this. My response- if I dont know the details of what the software does, how do I know what to look up so I know how to use it?

DeLorme Earthmate GPS BT – GPS kit Overview – CNET

It does not, however, allow 3rd-party supplementary data to be imported. AE Date first listed on Amazon: Avoiding Roads for Storm Planning and Response. It also can be set up to respond to your voice and answer common travel questions–a very powerful capability for mapping software within this price category.


MapShare MapShare makes it easy to share your customized maps and directions with family, friends, and business associates. The PC version of the software appears to be pretty robust though. After all this, they determined that it must be my equipment.

GPS Spoken Directions The software can offer voice directions indicating upcoming turns and street names.

Catching up with Android, the latest iOS version of the crowdsourcing traffic app can track your progress or lack thereof when it’s gridlock. Finding Nearest Gas Stations.

The Palm OS use is a joke. Item can be shipped within U. I have taught myself how to use complicated software before and think it is safe to say that this software is not for everyone.

The Delorme GPS unit and the software were exactly as advertised.