Great – thanks very much; you’ve been very helpful. The fact that it mounts on a proper hi-hat stand should be a real boon, but it just comes across a bit clunky. Of course, the arguments for and against rubber pads like these compared to mesh heads will rage forever. I can post a pic if interested. On top of the basic sonic capabilities, the device also acts as a sampler with 8Mb of memory on-board and a two-track sequencer.

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All knobs and buttons work.

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Skip to main content. Help Contact Us Go to top. Reviews at the time were mainly good, sounds were considered good to average, hardware and bang for buck was considered good, large pads.

This alone is enough to arouse interest from those considering a kit for live use. Image 4 of 6 The Xtreme sound module is home to more than 2, voices.

On top of the basic sonic capabilities, the device also acts as a sampler with 8Mb of memory dtxtremr and a two-track sequencer. This page was last updated: Also shop in Also shop in.

The large striking surface “gives” like an acoustic bass drum head and the KP65 will accommodate a double pedal.

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I’ve repaired several Roland pad triggers but never got around to trying to fix this one. Admittedly extremely difficult to recreate accurately, that ‘in-between’ half-open hat sound eludes the Xtreme almost entirely – the leap between tight-shut and completely open is too, ahem, extreme and means 2ss subtle hi-hat stuff is pretty much impossible.


Leaving opinions about rubber pads versus mesh heads to one side for the moment, the five-pad, three-‘cymbal’ and hi-hat array looks very proper. I should be speaking to the seller at lunchtime today. Regards from Ye Olde Englande.

Image 6 of 6 The brain uses a bit AWM2 tone generator. Here is what you get And the kit proves to be just that. And it might just suit yours too.

Last edited by electrodrummer ; Those unconvinced by rubbery types will probably dismiss the DTXtreme on those grounds alone but the size and construction of the Yamaha pads that make up this kit mean they are very usable, and are forgiving enough to be perfectly playable for extended periods.

If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please visit our Forum Talk Section for common remedies. That video looks like the dtxtreme 3,not the 2 the OP is describing.

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Do you think that a kit, say, 10 or 11 years dtxtteme is still viable? All of the pads and cymbals which are 3 zone are utilized so there is no compromise in lack of sound that set can produce. He is 68, used to play in bands in the 50s and 60s, got out of the habit sometime later when working. All in all, there’s more info in your last three posts than I’ve found in two weeks of googling! I can post a pic if interested. Says that he has used it probably times or so over the years, as he didn’t really get the urge to play regularly again; it has sometimes gone unused for three months at a time, but has always been set up in his home.



Browse Related Browse Related. You can load your own samples into it – something that even today a lot of modules can’t do apart from Yamaha. The cymbal triggers fine and has 2w choke feature.

Image 2 of 6 The five-pad, three-‘cymbal’ and hi-hat array looks very vtxtreme. The generously sized snare and tom pads the TP toms are 10″, the TPSD snare is 12″ and the businesslike RS rack are imposing enough to get close to the feeling of being surrounded by the kit, as opposed to being perched behind a collection of over sized switches, dtxtree the fact that the RHH hi-hat pad mounts on a normal hat stand only adds to the grown-up feel.