Forgot to mention, I put some fiber filling from a duvet inside the speakers. A slot for the terminal and paint blobs removed, both chiselled using a drill bit. One question, the original cabinets were made with chipboard from what I read. I’m just asking because I try to decide whether to use chipboard or MDF I plan to do a cube project for my school. Only minimal brush marks visible up close. I calculated the internal volume of the Auratones to be 2.

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DIY Auratone Complete!

It has to be a type ciy can cope with being in small box of 2. Assembling the speakers revealed one more dimensioning problem. Almost as good as my Tannoys!

They look totally sweet! Hi Guys, I thought this post was finished, anyway: All glued up and ready for next phase! The grooves are just too snugly dimensioned, so every edge did not fit in too neat.

Only minimal brush aurtaone visible up close.

Davetone mixcubes | My Diy Blog

Thanks for the tip mate! OK, speakers arrived today Should be pretty interesting to put these to use on a real mixing situation.


This is the single most cursed thing I have seen come out if Finnish television https: Given their popularity there are of auratne a number of modern replicas in the market, like the Behringer Behritone C5A s and Avantone Mixcubes. When I cut digital joints, I use a 6mm end ddiy — for the male part of the tenon calling it 6mm in your CAM package then cut the female part with the same bit but call it a 5.

Davetone mixcubes

I calculated the internal volume of the Auratones to be 2. Hi Warpie, I used chipboard because of the original so it might have similar resonance, but the panels are so small it may not matter anyway.

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Need to see what I eiy arrange. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I have had problems mixing bass. Once the glue had settled, I gave the front a quick sanding and applied wood filler to hide the gaps.

As you can see from the above, I had xiy anyway use particle board for the rear panel. February 16, I even secured the opposite panels with bar clamps whilst the glue was drying up, but neither they could squeeze the parts together. DWGs as the CAM interpreter has often had problems with modified tool types default bits increase in 0. My drawing in real-world, striking similarity. No spares either, sorry: Where colors aurahone concerned petrol blue is one of my favourites, and you can bet I was delighted to find a 1 liter can of Sadolin Fashion Extreme Stylish Petrol wtf!?


October 16, Dave P’s Auratone project made the Sound on Sound! I’m just asking because I try to xuratone whether to use chipboard or MDF If you gradually up the frequency of a shelving bass boost so it sounds right on these, it also sounds right on the bigger monitors only deeper.

Make four identical pieces to form auraone sides and have grooves for for inserting rear and front panels. Afaik, this makes the internal volume appear slightly larger for the driver.

Material costs for these speakers added up to about 40 eur. Not pretty but who cares. Started by erikb Brewery.