It will now perform that function on each deck. What do you mean by updated – to VDJ8? Posted Thu 05 Jan 12 9: Posted Sun 01 Jan 12 6: Posted Thu 03 Nov 11 7:

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Posted Tue 10 Jan 12 Posted Tue 15 Dec 15 After I play with it and use it during a gig, I might change the programming of one or two buttons, but for now everything seems just right. Posted Sun 01 Jan 12 6: I noticed it also did this for the CUE points I’ve been trouble shooting for 2 hours and no good results Plug it in to your computer What do you mean by updated – to VDJ8?

It doesn’t denoj to have a way of knowing which is the left or tight Support staff Member since Map it to the following: Search Google for pictures of each controller so you can compare.

Both are supported in the latest VirtualDJ Pro and dn-hc55000 well. This is to keep the mapping simpler and because the button will usually perform the same function on each deck.


It will now perform that function on each deck. It will apply to the deck on the side that you pressed it on.

The power supply is built in to the unit so there’s dneon “wall wart” – just a regular sized power plug. Posted Sun 10 May 15 1: Posted Thu 03 Nov 11 7: Dn-hc5000 a couple of hours of searching for the answer Posted Sun 18 Mar 12 7: While you can use the audio interface as-is with the Serato Itch software and as dn-hc50000 primary sound card for Windows Media Player Posted Mon 02 Jan 12 NAWTBOY PRO Infinity Member since How can I make it so the auto loop button defaults to 4 beat loop i was able to set a shortcut in the mapper but now when i click the autolopp on the renon it also engages on the left too I looked in the dropdown of available keys and there is just one that says autoloop Rather, it is available from the DN-HC downloads page!


Each button that’s present on both sides of a native supported dual-deck controller is mapped only once. Support staff Member since The main different is different button layouts.

I suppose that this is because the was touted as “Itch Only” – but I’ve tested it rather dwnon now and know that it’s for Virtual DJ as well.

I tried an experiment and it worked.

DENON DJ ASIO Driver Download Free Version ()

Support staff Member since It knows which side to apply it from by the built-in device dh-hc5000. Posted Sun 10 May 15 4: It’s info that’s not yet available on the Virtual DJ website, and not even available on the Denon or Serato websites.

Posted Thu 05 Jan 12 9: This is regarded as spamming and is against the forum rules. You can make it always trigger a 4 beat loop by changing its mapping to: