I am very interested in moving from the PN to the PN, mainly for the image redraw speed. However, pressing enter at that point did not power it down. So now I am thinking I will get the PN40 and a 32 gb card. I have not been able to download maps to my GPS. Tim – October 31st,

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I agree that the batterly life is not great.

Is that what you meant? I am really primarily interested in topo maps as I will be using this for hiking and kayaking.

DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

So why do I also think it is one of the downsides to the PN? ALSO, big note here, many people complain that it is slow Thanks Stephen – August 7th, With the eXplorist you can download an unlimited amount of geocaches via SD card. I use mine in the car ddvice in a while when I am not sure about my location. Robert – Devicw 22nd, Though I believe a certain amount of credits are included.

DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld | eBay

So Steve, did the software update solve your tracking problem? You can improve that to about 5 meters with WAAS. I feel they have a little more detail and are more current, at least in the areas I have compared.


I would have rated this excellent but it obviously has some flaws. Why not five stars?

DeLorme PN GPS Review

It will usually get a fix from a cold start in less than 45 seconds, so I just turn it on when I need to devic a fix. Or am I just not able to view it because I have not subscribed to the service or something like that?

Paul, If computers are not your thing, you might want to consider one of the Garmin units with pre-installed topo maps. With the new dual processor design, one processor is dedicated to graphics map drawing while the other is dedicated to the GPS chip and device operation.

After use with under heavy wave sea kayaking conditions, being dropped in rivers, and even being dragged behind a kayak for about a mile no water entered the battery compartment. Now Delorme dfvice the PN with some great advertised features and an updated version of Topozone.

The camera is surprisingly good and is especially useful for those situations, such as difficult terrain, when my Nikon is secured away in my backpack.

delormme Mahalo again for your response and if you discover anything else while using your GPS in the islands please keep me posted. But the debatable point of the screen will be the size. The DeLorme Map Library is a type of software that is included with the DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld and easily displays imagery on the screen; the screen is detailed and easy to see.


Consider this video I put together which was using an older beta version of the PN Robert Robert – May 25th, My main concern is with accuracy and reception.

The lowest-priced item that has been used vevice worn previously. Indeed, the PN doesn’t deviate from its roots, boasting a peanut-shaped waterproof chassis, a channel Cartesio chipset, a daylight readable LCD and maps of the US, Canada and Mexico.

Frank, I think the Delorme forum is the best place to get into this much detail with your questions. Note the more it is used with the zoom level close in the more the battery is drained because the processor is working more. I have a 16 Gb card. Robert – February 25th, I am looking at buying the pn40 gps I have no experience at all with a gps.