This may result in a paper jam. I saw that some others on this forum have had this problem too. Tips for Successful Printing. The Tool Box Using the Tool Box, enter the values that you found in the color registration chart to make adjustments. You can also return the printer to the standby mode by pressing any button on the operator panel. They have drivers so I assume they must support it. Reject Rejects an access from the specified IP address.

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If you need to specify more than one domain name, separate them using a comma or semicolon.

When an error occurs, the error message appears on the Dfll Status window. It is recommended that zone coating of the adhesive is done at least 1 mm 0. If you do not set security for your wireless network: Light Label Normal Specifies the paper density of labels.

Host Name Displays the host name. Printer Information Use the Printer Information menu to display the information of your printer.

Understanding Your Printer Software Understanding Printer Messages 19 The printer operator panel displays messages describing the current state of the printer and indicates possible printer problems you must resolve. Color registration adjustments need to be made during the initial setup of the printer or when the printer is moved to a different location. The Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool is not available when the printer is directly connected to a computer or a print server. After executing this function and rebooting the printer, all wireless network settings are reset to their default values.


To check the operation of the different components of the printer. Dell Cw Color Laser Printer can print up to 12 black and white pages and up to 10 color ones. Paper Used Displays the number of pages printed for each paper size.

Check and clear the paper path, load the specified paper, and then press the Set button. Infrastructure Select when you configure the wireless setting through the access point such as a wireless router.

Dell C1660w Color Printer

A value can be: Port Number Sets the port number. Oos Sets the temperature settings for the fusing unit for envelopes within the range of -3 to 3.

To specify the default paper size. The XPS driver is supported on the following operating systems: This may result in a paper jam.

Dell CW Printer Driver Download – Free Printer Driver Download

Open Indicates that the cover is open. Perform steps 3 and 4.

This must be 80 or between and Ensure that print media is loaded in the printer. To initialize NVM non-volatile memory for system parameters.


Dell C1660W Printer Driver Download

Still getting message on printer cancelling c166w0 message. This page can also be displayed by clicking Printer Information in the left frame. To change the wireless setting through wireless connection, ensure that the wireless connection setting is completed in “Wireless Connection” on page Dell supplies web site appears. This asterisk indicates the factory default menu setting.

Re-enter Enter the new password again to confirm. When the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool is activated, the current c6160w and specifications of the printer are displayed in the top frame on every page. Determining the Status of Supplies If your printer is connected to the network, the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool can provide instant feedback on remaining toner levels. Low Toner Msg Purpose: