Have a friend bring over a windows machine and see how it prints from windows. This printer is user friendly and easy to use the printer. You can go to the corresponding page by clicking their characters. If no system driver is available, specify the location where the driver is available. The images used in this manual are those of the Dell Cnw Color Printer unless otherwise mentioned. Do not use extension cords or power strips. Disable Disables firmware updates.

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Never use envelopes with windows, or coated linings. Specify the pass phrase of alphanumeric characters from 8 to The package always comes with the appropriate driver for your operating system. Dell Service Tag Number Displays the service tag number of your printer.

It provides outstanding rich tones and a clean text output that really pleases any user. Settings in the software program, the printer driver, or the printer utilities have precedence over the settings made on the operator panel.

Maintaining Your Printer Installing a Toner Cartridge 1 Unpack a new toner cartridge of the desired color and shake it five to six times to distribute the toner evenly. The first printer displayed in this list is set as default. If you are not familiar with a feature in the printer driver window, open the online Help for more information.


Turn it on your computer, which you need to install Dell Cw Laser printer on it. Eric Root Eric Root.

Port Number Sets the port number from to If you are an administrator on the computer, click Yes; otherwise, contact your administrator to continue the desired action. Select to configure the wireless setting without the access point such as a wireless router.

Windows Server R2 1 Extract the zip file you downloaded to your desired location. Conserving Supplies You can change several settings in your printer driver to conserve toner cartridge and paper.

Use the following illustration for help when loading letterhead in the print media sources. Follow the steps to install Dell Cw Laser printer Manually. Using the Output Tray Extension. Printer Status Use the Printer Status menu to check the status of consumables, hardware, and specifications of the printer.

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Plain Sets the paper density of plain paper. Setting Up From Web Browser It is recommended that you configure both the environment settings of your web browser and the operator panel before using the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool.


See ks Status Deol on page Wireless LAN Displays whether to enable wireless connection. Select Web Services Device from Device type. Setting Up From Operator Panel. Covers Sets the temperature settings for the fusing unit for cover paper within the range of -3 to 3. To configure the detailed settings of SNMP. Label Displays the temperature setting of the fusing unit for labels.

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The top margins is incorrect. When a test page is printed successfully, installation is complete.

Select a high value if your printer is in constant use. Resetting Defaults After executing d function and rebooting the printer, all the menu parameters are reset to their default values. To configure the basic information of the printer.

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Then, click Copy the settings to the Host in the above list. Low Toner Alert Msg Alerts you if the toner is low.

Contact Dell if this message appears repeatedly.