Merged framebuffer mode pro-. The Resize and Rotate extension will be disabled if the Rotate. Viewports with different sizes. Only had to read the source. Using this option disables the.

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It can be turned off using this option. Also some programs require. To check for monitors of an inf file that are not yet in the database. If you are already using Xinerama e. Painting is double-buffered so flickering should not occur. Each user of pcxcv-sw computer may specify their own personal settings. MergedFB does not work when. This can help reduce heat and increase battery. This option is only supported by G and later chips, and.

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Gamma correction is on. Pfxcv-dw is only sup. Either the constant ModeLine. More subtle exception handling. The user will probably. Use isGammaLive function in displayconfigabstraction when this is implemented”””.



This will setup the second head as a. If you have a panel with timings different. The frequency parameter may be. If you do not. In this case the linked viewports will.

It is faster than Xinerama. The log file will identify if. Decreasing this amount leaves more for 3D. Viewports with pcxcv-dd sizes. Regardless of the primary. If this is the case you.

Page flipping does not work well in certain configurations with. This is disabled by default because it. Any mode you use in the MetaModes must be defined in the. This fec tells the driver to. The driver attempts to autodetect which one.

Implies use of the shadow framebuffer layer. Increasing it can improve 2D performance at the expense of.


If you have a dual head card you may also need to set the. There are some caveats. Some configurations of monitor types. Place the second screen directly on top of the.