The quadrafuzz issue smacks of denormals. Cubase SX Tutorial Contents The first things to do when you startup Cubase: To add a missing marker: See above – Calculated tempo is displayed top right of Hitpoint window.

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The time must be set to zero. But as you know, I’m not rude like that.

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Select your sample from within the Project window and hit the character “P” button on your keyboard. You should at least have peak at these settings to get familiar with them.

It’s probable that the card is set to record in ” What You Hear ” mode – This routes all audio coming out of the card back into the input. Its not got anything to do with the buffer size? Now assign the virtual “Stereo Out” with the physical output of your soundcard by clicking next to it in the device port column.

Try putting a dither plugin, or some EQ asoi sub noise floor level noise which may or may not, depending on where the denormals occur in the plugin resolve the issue. The “VST Connections” are to connect the virtual buses in Cubase with the physical inputs and outputs of your hardware inputs and outputs.


That means we can make an informed purchase-decision before parting with our hard-scrounged cash Using SoundBlaster Live to record a live instrument onto an audio track whilst playing back the sequenced song in Cubase SX, also records the song as well. DerrenBobafatOct 6, I seem to recall this was a fairly well-known problem on 5.

Content Sets Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Cubase into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style! Interview with a pro sound engineer cibase the stars revealing how-to-mix songs using Cubase in our mixing audio tutorial. If you choose the “Getting Started” guide you will also find more introducing information to Cubase. DerrenBobafatSep 30, Virtually impossible to see the directions of the arrows cubaae there ya go, that’s probably it heheheh.

Issues with Cubase Time TravellerApr 14,in forum: Cubase SX Tutorial Contents Other things to think about are the signal level going into the plugin and how hard you are driving the input.

The first things to do when you startup Cubase: –

JPsychodelicacyOct 9, Mark cheers il give that a try later. With its power and flexibility, comes questions.


I have tried changign the setting for unload vst3 plugins when no cubaxe is being received. Which version of Cubase are you using? Make sure the Use parameter is set to Sensitivity and use the small slider located on the left cubasf set the markers on the peaks of your loop, ie If you’re experiencing latency time-lag between playing a note on a keyboard and the sound being heard make sure you have the ASIO driver selected.

I have experienced peaks when there is no vsts running so i’m not too sure if its to do with the buffer settings.

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ASIO VST Driver problems Cubase 5 –

Time Traveller Apr 17, Try starting out with a buffer size setting of and experiment either side of this number. To add a missing marker: Site links site map. After you have imported an Audio File hit “Play” and check if you can hear the playback.