We already have them. The proof is that companies like Costco could probably double the product sales of a high-end club, but manufacturers would never sell to them because Costco would want to sell at a significant discount. I purchased a set of xs for I have played Taylormade all my life and should have known better when I saw teh price. These site also offer Lefty clubs and assured me that all their clubs have serial numbers and will checkout with Titleist.

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I have bought dozens of sets of clubs off them, Sometimes the brand names fall off the club but I just glue them back on and sell them for a 20 percent profit on a local auction website. I recently made an enquiry on http: Or go to WalMart. I would recommend that no one buy new clubs on ebay as I would estimate that about half are fakes.

You would have to conclude the clubs must be either counterfeit or some kind counterffit dodgy deal is being done through a side door. The counterfeit is the on the left by the way. Buy from TGW or other reputable online retailer. I thought I was dealing with an above board on-line company, but got the shaft.


I have been making custom clubs for over 5 years. Taylormade r11s 9 Penley Stealth 70x First of all the name of the website discountpricegolf. Do they sell ALL brands of golf clubs?

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

How about gurugolf and empire-golf? You might want to add this to the list. The only guys I know that get ripped off by sites like this are those that cheap out on everything in life including haircuts. They explained that they would refund my order themselves and take my dispute up with the Chinese vendor on my behalf.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

They say they are selling OEM clubs counrerfeit ship directly from Asia hence why they can sell so cheap, although does OEM mean they are fake? Guess I was wrong. I am trying to find out if this website is a scam. We do want to save however not get shafted literally by these bastards.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs • Golf Club Brokers Blog

From there, I taylorade go through the things listed on this website! So these may well be other indications of dodgy sites. Are overstock clubs real are just another fake product? They seem like a legit operation. They have 75k sales, so is this just OEM mass production prices?


Ahh, you think that price is cheap on the internet? I buy and sell on ebay all the time and this guy seemed legit. Anyone know if these eBay sellers are selling counterfeits? Discount for Shenzen residents.

I read too many messages on this site and everyone need to be careful! Can anyone else tell me a different way to tell. They sell all kind golf cub; they all come straight from factory; send your money now. Any info on this site.

In my Revolver Pro: You say Rockbottomgolf receives many of its good from major retailers. This is exactly what club makers are doing.