After removing parts from the computer, place them in a safe place away from the computer so they will not be damaged and will not interfere with your work. Hardware setup with support for strips and fans? Check 1 Disconnect the AC power cord from wall outlet. Removing four screws securing the thermal unit 3. The default value is set to 32 MB. When you remove screws, make sure they are placed in a safe place and identified with the correct parts.

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User Password The user can choose: Turn the computer over. The process is summarized in Figure Procedure 1 External Display Check The C2 state is the CPU stop grant state. Testing and Troubleshooting The purpose of this chapter is to provide a systematic ayc25 of isolating problems you may have with the ACY25 series Notebook Computer.

Compal ACY25 series Specifications |

Reserved 0xxFF Set flat panel type Power Supply Troubleshooting If the malfunction remains, go to Procedure 2 Procedure 2 Modem card connection check Disassemble the computer following the steps described Replacement Procedures and ensure that the modem card is well connected to the system board. System time-outs are set using the control panel power applet.


The internal pointing device is always enabled. Beware ribbon cable connector underneath as removing keyboard. Expansion Memory Expansion Memory 1.

Compal ACY25 series Manuals

Any of these components may be damaged. Procedure 3 Connection check Disassemble the computer following the steps described Replacement Procedures and make sure the speaker cable is firmly connected to the system board. Do not perform any operations that are not necessary and use only the described procedures for disassembling and installing modules in the computer.

Then pull the entire unit out. Lift the keyboard up and place higher on the computer base vompal so that the keyboard cable connector is exposed.

Removing the system board Chapter Chapter 6: If the replacement television works, the original set may be damaged. Just type in cy25 in the knowledge library.

Download drivers for RM plc CY25 based on COMPAL ACY25

Software controlled mechanical interlock and eject button. Clear System Password is not set.

Software Specification For System Bios Telephone line connection ayc25 Procedure 2: Check 1 Make sure that the wireless LAN antenna acy5 firmly connected to the wireless Axy25 unit refer to Chapter 4 for instructions and that the wireless LAN unit is securely slotted into the system board. When setting 2 is selected, the BIOS will always turn on both the internal display and external monitor regardless of whether an external monitor is detected.


The three channels are identical and thus allow the connector ports to be interchangeable. The power switch and power kill button on docking station was identical to the one on the NoteBook PC. Figure outlines the process. The drive may be disconnected, or the drive or system board may be damaged.

Earphone test Procedure Removing five screws securing the top cover Chapter 2. Numeric lock state is logically enable.

The computer should automatically detect the device. No IE E E portand transm ission are notfaulty.