Solaris and the free Illumos fork have many advantages, wide hardware support is not among. Yes, my password is: If I can’t find out anything useful, I might need to stick with Linux and go with the recent Mellanox cards. The following platforms are supported: The most visible products are Mellanox Connectx-4 LX cards, but Mellanox seems long ago to have given up any interesting in any Solaris based product. The best platform for any enterprise application, co-engineered with the Oracle stack for performance and efficiency.

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Pulse Connect Secure 9. Works okay, but I’d prefer some Illumos based distro.

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Software Partners

If illumos provides drivers for esxi and solarish, I guess I’d be fine with that, but it’s hard to tell from reading illumos HCL what they in fact support. By providing enterprise-class software and support for commercial and open source software, Novell delivers increased operating flexibility and choice at a lower total cost of ownership. NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft is closing in on its historic New Year’s flyby target, the most distant world ever studied, a frozen relic of the solar system some four billion miles 6.

Further application layer offload, such as application layer payload recovery-to-end security protocol offload, per connection TCP level traffic management and quality of service and end-to-end security protocol offload.


Sep 10, Messages: I will check out the mailing list, as that seems like the best option to get useful info. Migrate from illumos to OmniOS.

Through a pioneering approach to virtualization, VMware technology works to separate the software from the underlying hardware. The processes that led to glaciation at the cratered poles of Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, have been modeled by a University of Maine-led research team. Chelsio of Sunnyvale, California enables the convergence of networking, storage and clustering interconnects with its high-performance and proven unified wire technology.

Reproduction solris whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of WestWorldWide, LLC is strictly prohibited. Samsung to aquire Joyent, one of major companies behind Illumos, the free Solaris fork. Newton’s third law dictates that forces between interacting particles are equal and opposite for closed systems.

Chelsio to Provide 10Gb Ethernet and Protocol Acceleration for Sun Solaris OS

Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Your name or email address: Mail will not be published required. Share This Page Tweet. This opens the way for very powerful extensions to pure protocol offload based on TOEchslsio. Their new article, published in Physical Review Sooaris, proposes a new structural concept, including Uppsala University researchers have devised a new model for the universe — one that may solve the enigma of dark energy.

Oracle Solaris

Yes, my password is: The ability of TOE to perform full transport layer functionality is essential to obtaining tangible benefits. I don’t yet have any info on which NICs work best, and that’s a question I’m interested in and silaris almost certainly explore.


This allows a single computer to run multiple operating systems and applications, delivering significant improvements in efficiency, availability, flexibility and manageability. Red Hat also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide and through top-tier partnerships. For your quite special questions you should ask at the Illumos-discuss maillist where you have a chance that a dev that is involved in driver development may answer.

This opens the way for very powerful extensions to pure protocol offload based on TOEincluding: Chelsio’s T was recently benchmarked and independently verified to deliver more than double the throughput and up to five times the CPU efficiency of competitor’s 10Gb Ethernet adapters available today See Chelsio news announcement dated August 4: If I can’t find out anything useful, I might need to stick with Linux and chelsip with the recent Mellanox cards.

Application layer data integrity check CRC offload, typically used in data critical applications, which solagis not satisfied with the relatively weak internet checksum protection e. Indonesian tsunami volcano lost two-thirds of its height December 29, The Indonesian volcano which caused a sllaris that killed more than people last week lost more than two-thirds of its height following the eruption which triggered the killer waves.