I do get hiccups of 50 ms and have occasional dropouts in the DAW when using heavy plugins. Yeah, I seem to remember it was 2. The OP question and all the answers you posted raised a doubt in my head. Works way much better than the crappy native Lexicon drivers. Windows Vista Home Premium 3. In the example here it is I’m not sure what they’ll call it.

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Well if you are using the ASIO drivers that Centrance supply then the audio shouldn’t be going anywhere near Windows 10 gain controls. Anubis Max Output Level: Those results are in sharp contrast to the ones reported by Cubase, which reports 4. RMEDriver version 3. I’ve had no major problems.

ASIO drivers for multiple cards?

Sign up using Facebook. Yes, I know it’s upside down. The analog round-trip latency will be displayed at the bottom left of the window.

Performance hiccups in the order of ms is not centrwnce system behavior. Windows XP 32bit SP3 3. The thing that people seem to forget and I say that because no one has mentioned it, as is the case in every thread about Asio4all is that Asio4all is not even a driver.

How to get ASIO working in 64bit Win7

Once you’ve done that, fentrance Windows Audio controls should be bypassed with only the knobs on your interface setting levels.


Even if you use this the way it’s set up now, you’d only need the Windows control set so that you get a sufficient level into Audition to reach 0dB without distortion, and then you wouldn’t ever need to alter that setting – everything you need to do at that point you do with the proper ‘gain’ control, which alters the amount of amplification available in the preamp. I’ve tried various buffer sizes, input sensitivity levels in the Centrance tool to no avail.

However, it could be that that it will only work with the M-audio interface as timing masters – although you could still have it slaving off the RME’s better clock. Is it the tool itself? There is no host involved in the test. I have w7 – 64 I have no problems with asio4all been using it for 18 months now.

It is not “reporting” it is actually “measuring”, or at least it is supposed to, seeing how the measured values are exactly the theoretical input latency for a given buffer size. Now whether that will work with Sonar The class compliant audio driver on windows is a windows multimedia driver with a typical saio of msec.

Audition records asioo what’s sent to it by your sound device – nothing more, nothing less. Asio4all only tricks the computer. On some systems the measurement quality may be improved by adjusting the input sensivity parameter from the pull-down menu.


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D If it works, it generally does better than anything else apart from a properly-written ASIO driver. The Middle of Wales. Email Required, but never shown. Follow the steps in the Driver Error Compensation lesson to figure your specific overall latency compensation value out 5. However, I cannot remember why I have not installed either v2.

ASIO Driver Latency Test Utility | Joe The Flow

ScottF – how centrancd that formula work? Once that’s set with the level control, that’s it – doesn’t ever need altering. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Bz – maybe it is time to consider getting a slightly better, more modern interface? Thu Sep 10, 2: