Go to File Export. A six-panel setup card is more than enough to get you up and running. Choose the File Format you want to be exported. Net lets you upload your cards to a free, password-protected site www. If the end-user has a CardScan scanner, there are no additional license requirements.

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The sample is written in Visual Basic. The c is a color USB scanner that works in the traditional way: Click on the email icon or select Card Send Mail To. The Options dialog box will be displayed. In the field for Lotus Notes database name specify repltest. Open CardScan and the other application.

CardScan Office (600c/v6) Business Card Scanner

All unused entries from the drop-down list no longer appear in the drop-down list. Can the SDK read documents with different types of information than is currently found on a business card?

The company’s Web site includes both help information and driver updates. Browse to the location of the CardScan database file in question. If the information does not appear in columns, you may need to click Tab under Delimit by. Your program should allow the user to verify the information in case there are any mistakes.


Highlight the contacts folder you would like to synchronize with CardScan. AccuCard maintains a second e-mail address for use in case the business e-mail is defunct.

Corex CardScan Executive 600c

You can scan a new card to use as your signature, you can use a card that you already have scanned into your open database file or you can choose to Stop including card if you wish to disable this feature. The maximum thickness accommodated by the CardScan series is 1. Review Sections Review Specs. Click on the street address and Automap pops up a map. Right click the database file and choose properties. Once contacts are synced with Mac Address Book, open iTunes.

Choose a carddscan save name and location and save your file.

Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation Check the box labeled Read-only in the Attributes section.

Click OK to assign the selected categories and close the Assign Categories window. The few simple errors that it did make were easily correctable via the CardScan software’s neat Rolodex-style interface. From the Edit menu, select Paste. Open a CardScan file in List view.


Upgrade to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome. A Confirm Recipients dialog may appear. Using iTunes, you cardecan synchronize your iPhone with contacts in Outlook. Select the CardScan file you would like to synchronize with Outlook.

Corex CardScan Executive c – Review – PCMag UK

Executive assistant On the road or in the office, the Corex CardScan Executive c can eliminate business card clutter and store your contacts on your PC or handheld quickly and accurately. You must have Microsoft Outlook next to email. The Backup Wizard screen appears. Select Edit and Copy.