Can any 1 help? Hi ive pocket pc qtek i need to connect it to local lAN wirelessly, but the connection area in it says there is no wireless connectivity option so is there some software tht i need to install to get the wireless service available on my PC? The card enables wireless Wi-Fi connections will support 11Mbps connections, WEP and is equipped with a power saving mechanism. Why do you care? Additional titles containing c-guys sd-link11b driver download.

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Check out my post in the forums: Important for Windows or XP or Vista users: The program features an adaptive download accelerator, dynamic file segmentation, high speed settings technology, and multipart downloading … more info I also don’t want to use the only SD-slot for wifi. Which the C-Guys site says they will support since their firmware is user-upgradeable. I am taking advance orders now. buys

C-Guys SD-Link11b – Download

Where can I get it fixed in this part of the world – Zimbabwe or anywhere close. Without a Palm-Powered Handheld, your progress is all for naught. Which gives around mA draw for the unit itself; plus the mA draw for the WiFi card means two hours battery life, tops.


You still can, however, rudimentarily activate WiFi. What nobody wants is having bulky batterey builtin inside the handheld like in the T C! It’s the PalmOS drivers that are missing.

Here is the letter. Anyway I really like the T3 but don’t want to have to deal with any hardware drivers not supported by PalmOne. Descriptions containing c-guys sd-link11b driver download. The following comments are owned by whoever guhs them. I think it’s plain to see that PPCs with wifi are plenty sleek. I am facing some problems now, after satisfied using my gadet for last 3 years.

C-Guys SD-Link11b Download Free Version ()

More Intel Processor Graphics The low power card will add If I need wireless anywhere else, I’ll use my iBook. More Synaptics Pointing Device Driver Does this mean, too, that I’ll have to upgrade to Garnet for it to work on my T2? Newest first Oldest sdd Best rating.

C-Guys does what SanDon’t. I have a good feeling about them already.


Now if only Palm would get off their ass and upgrade the Tungsten T to link11 a proxy-less browser. If you have such a motherboard, you can use the drivers provided by Realtek. Hello, my tomtom that perfectly worked in another pda Typhoon-my guide could not work in Qtek because I cant find the appropriate gps line to connect. Total of 95 user reviews and opinions for Qtek I have photos I need to download but last time I reset myall memory was gone.

c-guys sd-link11b driver download

They replied in the same day. Send your cash this way.

Anything that adds bulk to the PDA is an annoyance. It’s not as cool.