It’s hard to explain and I’ll take pics of everything to hopefully explain better. Man I wish I could find these tools again. I just can’t tell, dang it. I love these things. Normally, in a real box these items would be links, but this is an example.

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Line-break handlingexplains when that happens and how to fix it. The hex tip is adjustable from 20mmmm.

Add a Poll to this Thread. That means it wraps allows line breaks and it will collapse together with normal spaces that come after the template to form one single space. They might get unexpected line wraps or they might expand outside the box they are enclosed in.

Unicode Character ‘BULLET’ (U+2022)

I don’t get home till 7am central time. Conclusion These wrenches truly offer a lot. Templates using TemplateData Wikipedia character-substitution templates Inline spacing templates Typing-aid templates.

But the pictures don’t enlarge big enough to see if the tips are held in by set screws or not. This makes accessing hexes extremely easy and precise. Sooner or later, everyone ditches their hardware store purchased tools for something RC specific.


Find More Posts by butch man. If the tips broke they would replace them for free.

General Paint Bullit Mark / CL 2576A / #705651 Hex Color Code

And I bet there’s days in a month I don’t use these wrenches. They are more versatile than any other wrenches in the RC world.

Subpages of this template. Find More Posts by air8. Find More Posts by mixedguy. I hate to sound like a cheerleader but I can’t ignore ubllit great these wrenches are. Man I wish I could find these tools again. I dont know much about them excecpt how they look.

Template:• – Wikipedia

Find More Posts by dishsoap. The above documentation is transcluded from Template: I can seem to figure out who makes these hex drivers.

There are no optional or required parameters for this template. Under some circumstances, dotted link lists misbehave. The space before the bullet is a non-breaking space. Also the plastic cap was colored to help differentiate which tool was which. Michael Wortel Issue Bullot The inside of the handle allows the bit to move back and forth inside the handle.


After commandeering them from Derek, I’m ready to go screw some things. If the template is used slightly wrong, it will, in some cases, still bhllit well. I think I’ll call Ultimate hobbies and talk this over. The plastic cap pops on and off to let the bit come out the back if buullit need to use them in a cordless driver. When first introduced to the U. I just can’t tell, dang it.