Recording to my computer via USB is great and much more consistent than my line input on my laptop. I have a Fiio and I think this may actually sound better. It’s simple – if it works, I’m happy! When I first tried it with RightMark, I inadvertently had the monitor switch on, and the program got confused when hearing its output directly. I googled but got inconsistent comments on this. Having a direct, switchable signal path from input to output means you don’t have to monitor through the computer, with its inherent latency delay.

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Behringer UCA202 Free Driver Download

Needed to vidta from an electric piano to a laptop. I do have two USB soundcards inc the Behringer but the native digital output via FooBar works perfectly well for me with no dropouts. It is small, extremely easy to setup, and is a breeze to use. Jan 17, at 9: I brought over the UCA to show him, and he bought one straight away.

Kinda bummed I didn’t get it for 20, but it’s definitely worth the money I paid. Have used several times to record songs and then make CD’s.

Behringer UCA & Vista – Cockos Incorporated Forums

The headphone jack audio quality was abysmal so I bought the Behringer UCA to bypass the laptop soundcard and the resultant sound quality is much better. Jan 18, at vistq The mixer can handle all the gain adjustments,etc. RightMark works by generating a test signal, sending it through the device you’re testing, and then recording what comes back from the device.


This product would not work with Vista Home Premium, which is what I have on my computer. Many archival audio sources are not digital, such as cassette tape, reel-to-reel tape, LP, etc. It records, it plays, and it gets out of the way when it’s unplugged. No, create uca2002 account now.

I have a Lenovo Ideapadthe digital output and headphone out share the same socketI use a mini-toslink adaptor and toslink cable for digital output.

This little device performs just as well and it very portable.

I now am eating the cost of this product, or will have to spend more money vvista a REAL operating system that actually supports hardware devices without all the BS! Please check your local sales tax laws. I’ve already recommended it to all of my friends.

I have purchased other Behringer products in the past and they work very well and have an excellent lifespan and no unexpected problems.

Great Product I bought this to connect my Yamaha Synthesizer to my laptop. Just be aware of the compatibility issue, which is of no fault of Behringer, but is all part of Microsoft’s endless schemes to get every dollar they can from the customer and the product designers. Jan 17, at 8: Select your rating 5. They ARE a monopoly, and I’ll never forget when the lawyer asked everybody in the courtroom to stand if they use a Microsoft Operating System on their Personal Computers – and everybody stood up!


This is an excellent product which I highly recomend to anyone wanting to transfer audio files to a computer. My laptop lacked the common ‘line-in’ port, thus requiring a USB solution.

I can play both simultaneously for a multi zone setup.

Everything is USB powered. I would recommend an isolation transformer for ether amp connection as the computer ground loop and noise can be tough to solve otherwise. Post 4 of 5. I use Behringer audio equipment.

Reviews from the Press. Select your rating 5. I can also record through it. The principal use is the recording of voiceovers for documentary television.