The archiver is a built-in tool, so a special archiver like WinZip is not required. Troubleshooting wizard TSW is a tool that has been designed to search for abnormal system settings, security issues, privacy threats, and fix them. Delete Folder deletes the current folder and Clear Quarantine deletes all files and folders in the quarantine. The signature database of the antivirus did not contain the signature of the virus when the archive was just downloaded. Procedure SetupAVZ can be used several times within the limits of one script; every call of the procedure modifies one parameter. Any such illegal use is considered as an automatic and immediate revocation of the given EULA and can be prosecuted.

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Some malware applications use it. In Unix a Rootkit is a set of applications installed by hacker after his first access to the system.

System Restore is a tool enabling you to repair certain system settings if they are damaged by malware. Shared Resources and Network Sessions Manager. The signature database is stored in the Base subfolder which is not successfully unpacked by some archivers. It is necessary to set the name of the proxy or monitorign IP and the port in the following format: Never delete suspicious files.


You moniroring create as many database files as you want.

About technology

Monitornig tool is available through Service — Process Manager. During the processing all profiles are checked, and each profile will be processed only once, no matter how many times it was mentioned. But it is not always a malicious file — sometimes legal programs hide or mask their files to defend themselves against malware applications. By default all types are checked.

Momitoring and Handlers Manager. In this mode you should also input login and password. Correspondingly, if the sensitivity is set high, it is rather possible to find new malware, but the number of false alarms increases.

All Rights Reserved to the author of the program — Oleg Zaitsev http: Open the Control Panel and run the Administration applet. The log of the ASI includes also the additional information concerning the kernel hooks, process analysis, process masking or hiding, open ports analysis and many more.

Trusted applications may do whatever they want, while the non-trusted applications are highly restricted in their activity. A non-trusted process may open and stop its own threads.

They perform tracking or download info or codes to the infected computer for marketing purposes.

It includes to the log the list of DLLs and other dynamic libraries used by running processes. Such messages can be issued by anti-virus monitors. Internet connection is active, stable and available. To get the complete information reboot is recommended.


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Read more about the Technical support. Various AVZ systems use the information collected by this driver: It enables the user to define which files or folders were created, modified or deleted since the database was formed. The file name may be inputted manually, pasted from the clipboard or selected in the Choose File dialog box available by clicking at the button at the right side of the field. UserModeLock and KernelModeLock parameters define the actions that should be performed with ring3 and ring0 hooks correspondingly: Report Clean Objects checkbox.

It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from monitorinng writers. Martin Brinkmann Mike Turcotte.

Various encoding formats are supported: First of all a program like this may mask or hide itself, intercepting and modifying low-level API functions.