Used to set the count mode of the total counter and the maintenance counter. Other jobs will not be printed if the paper runs out during printing. This adjustment is required when the print image position variations are considerably great or when paper jams occur frequently. Transmits heat to melt toner on paper and fuse toner by means of a pressure with the lower heat roller. AUTO H 50 Select one of 0 – 5.

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Sharp AR-MU Service manual |

In Case Of “result: Detects that a document reaches the resist roller. To be defined by key operator program Yes: Shows stored jobs and the job in progress. Used to make the initial setting of toner concentration when replacing developer. Original size detection photo sensor check. The counters are cleared after completion of maintenance.


Thermostat 1 Remove the fusing unit. Not provided Provided paper empty and 3 steps V system 8.

G Troubleshooting concerning The Duplex Module Turn the main switch located on the front side of the printer to the “OFF” position. Keep the needle and the MG roller apart from each other.

Machine Maintenance for Copying Check that the mode was normally completed. M4 step screws short 2 pcs.

Used to set the count mode of the total counter and the maintenance m51u. Editing And Deleting Group Keys Used to change and check the FAX soft switch functions.

Sharp AR-M351U Manuals

Transports toner from the cleaner unit to the waste toner box in the toner cartridge front section. Only when FAX is installed Used to check the receive data fixed data from the line. The main code of SIM is displayed. Maintenance and parts replacement No. In The Document Feeder Tray Printing Out Settings Used to adjust sharpness of the scanner mode. Slide the lamp holder to the front side, and remove it upward from the rear side.


Sharp AR-MU Manuals

Initial File Format Setting The sensor level is set without document on the document table. Secures the optical path between a document and No. Used to check the print count value in each section and each operation mode. Supply System Table G Tandem Copy Chain dialing — Up to digit Manual with pause destination key entry Resend This is used to recall the last destination.

Attach the document scanning label 1 Use a level gauge to check to confirm that the scanner unit is installed horizontally.

Heater lamp 1 Remove the fusing unit.