Plug and play operation under Windows and Mac OS. The fourth problem is latency by a few seconds. This is one of many support communities on. If it does, have you installed it? It happens at random also.

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I also have had this problem repeat itself using the Behringer USB guitar interface too – I found that out after I paid to get my Zoom sent back for repairs only to discover on purchasing the Behringer interface that it is Garageband that is the common factor. So you need to create an ‘aggregate device’ which combines two separate devices the Alesis and built-in audio in your case into one virtual device which you then select in Logic’s audio preferences.

You should email alesis support and see if they can help you. I do have the MAC set to multi,ix delay when recording a musical instrument, so I don’t know what else to do about the latency problem.

As you can see by my alias thing it has been frustrating me for a couple days now. Beyond this, my Alesis Multi-mix 8 Firewire is gathering dust and I’m really not happy company that doesn’t have most drivers out before the OS release. Posted on Nov 28, 7: The latest Alesis drivers are installed.


Alesis Multimix USB and Garageband – Apple Community

Do i need to change the input to Bus or whatever that is? Will that have the same problems? Close down Logic, then reopen after changing settings.

Mltimix, I set up the system, and just used quarter-inch jacks out of the two Main Outs and went straight into the MAC aleeis used the MAC’s internal inputs, and plugged my headphones straight into the MAC and had no problems recording that way. The third problem is that I really have to crank the gains on the Alesis to really get any decent recording levels in Garageband, and even the ones I finally get are too low.

Apr mlutimix, Alfredo Jahn Alfredo Jahn. Please someone out there help me. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Finaly,i upgraded from garage band to logic.

Many interfaces have had problems with recent updates to os x. I’m thinking of just turning it in, and getting the Multimix USB 2. Drivers installed fast and easy, Windows XP Pro recognized right away. Drew tragic suss that grysboks acerbating cutely. I use Cubase is PC though and was looking at the Multimix 8. Jun 28, 7: I need to input via USB!!!


Every time I record, I get the same sound after anywhere from minutes of recording. Well,it is actually worse.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

And then when I went back to listen, after about 8 minutes I started getting the noise and fuzz and scratchy-like sound that’s been described.

I’ll start recording, and everything sounds fine while recording.

Alesis Multimix 8 Usb Driver Mac. Not sure is closing the project is required. Will I still need to download drivers, or will the new drivers be in the system?

Where can I download the Alesis MultiMix8 USB drivers for OS X – ?

So it seems, that the noise and the weird way the two machines begin to interact, occurs after some time has passed in their having been connected. I had hoped that the 4. User profile for user: