Discovery options can now be set using the ads. Specifies if this connection lives within a stored procedure executed on the behalf of remote clients. To connect to this provider, set the Provider argument of the ConnectionString property to either:. This parameter only affects direct table opens adCmdTableDirect. DllMain is now a no-op for thread attach calls.

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If it is FALSE, then the stored procedure will increment the server user count, which will prevent other users from connecting when the user count reaches the maximum. Application-level keep alive packets were added to the TCP comm layer to prevent certain firewalls from closing Advantage connections that have been idle for a length of time.

If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. The problem would sometimes result in returning a error to the client. Previously, it made some calls that would allocate some per-thread memory, which could result in acquiring a critical section.


User Access Control security is implemented into the data dictionary. Specifies whether to increment the user count on the Advantage Wdvantage Server for each new connection to the Advantage Database Server.

If this property is set to TRUE, the application will not increment the server user count for the stored procedure. As with all other connection parameters, they can be set via the Connection object’s Properties collection or as part of the connection string.


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Specifies the fully qualified database path where the data files exist for example, x: Data Source Specifies the fully qualified database path where the data files exist for example, x: Consisting of these keywords: The encryption password will consist of the first twenty characters specified after the equals sign following the EncryptionPassword key word.

Advantage Product Download Releases 8. Added the ability to create a Windows crash dump file if an access violation occurs. Parameter Description TableType Specifies the desired table type. The fix for this issue is in the server. Fixed an issue where TCP connections attempted from a Linux client would fail with the return code Specifies the Advantage afvantage types in which to connect.

Advantage OLE DB Provider Release for Windows bit – Advantage Developer Zone

LockMode Specifies the locking mode to use. The Data Source must be specified before a successful connection to an Advantage server can occur. Specifies advajtage this connection lives within a stored procedure executed on the behalf of remote clients. Specifies the communication protocol used to connect to the Advantage Database Server.

Using the Advantage OLE DB Provider with ADO

Reading the Provider property will return the string: The full path to the Advantage Data Dictionary can also be specified in the Data Source property if desired. Advantwge additional check in the external procedure execution code to prevent the AEP or DLL based trigger from incorrectly using handles belonging to other connection.


These values are not constants that represent some integer value. Fixed an issue where indexes built via the auto-create functionality were built avantage the index tags in a different order than the original index.

Specifies whether trailing white space is removed from string fields when the data is retrieved. The fully qualified path to the computer where the data files exist and the default location of the data files. Fixed a bug that resulted in a server crash.

Note that if this property is supplied, Advantage assumes that a Database Connection is being attempted. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. If ALWAYS is specified, then all data communications between the client and server will be compressed unless compression is specifically turned off at the server.

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