It has never been the OS job to ‘supply’ drivers, it has become a courtesy, any manufacturer is more than welcome to submit drivers for evaluation to MS and even get an official badge of approval. According to the discussion at the following link, some guy named R. Anyways, correct me if I am wrong but I think the native Adaptec drivers e. At this time Adaptec is allowing the download of this file without regard to ownership of retail Adaptec Products. Does not work for me on Windows 10 64bit system. Lo and behold, there were no Win7 drivers to run the card. This device cannot start Code

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This device cannot start Code The only thing I can think of at this time is that I have seen. This 64b driver is tremendously useful — well done! What I am thinking of trying, however, is to insert the sections from the U2. Tuesday, April 22, 5: For instance I have an adaptec card running a scanner in both vista and windows 7.

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Do you have any other suggestions for me to try? Wednesday, June 21, Finally I found a post where a guy said, another poster has posted a downloadable.


First SCSI drives are Bios Independant systems which is why you can put up to 15 devices in a chain and are the longest running Raid drives not requiring special controllers 2940u2s control the raid in other words only software to create the raid is required. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Have you added the hardware ID of your card to the inf file then tried that?

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That’s mean supplying a rich subset of drivers. Anyway, hats off to you — thanks for making the internet a better place. Best regards Thomas Henden, from Oslo, Norway!

My applogies for not seeing this until now. Sunday, November 12, 3: Thanks for responding to my post. The onus, is on Daaptec to provide a useable and attactive operating system.

XP drivers for Adaptec AHA-2940 S6 SCSI controller?

Glad you got yours working! You are commenting using your WordPress. Thank you so much for sharing. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Another advantage of serial is that adptec wires are required, simplifying cabling.


Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: ASPI drivers version Download Detail

As it turned out my drive failed, so I just purchased another one from ebay…. Anyway, I got it working, instantly the tape drive was added to device manager, once the Adaptec driver installed successfully. Very happy this was a help to you!

Some of the other forums I found on this same issue though most of them do not mention the U2 card are as follows: Friday, June 16, 4: Perhaps that could be of help as well. This is not a free service, why should it be, manpower is need to test these things.

Protocols SCSI devices can use either asynchronous or synchronous communication protocols. Thanks for your continued help on this issue! So, I suspect that there is an incompatibility between the Vista bit driver and my card. Therefore you will most likely find your drivers in the 78xx series driver set.