The system has various power-saving modes including powering down the hard disk, turning off the video, suspending to RAM, and software power down that allows the system to be automatically resumed by certain events. Parameter Shutdown Enables you to set the maximum temperature the Temperature system can reach before powering down. Page 7 Table of Contents Installing the Cables Drive A Allows you to configure your floppy drive A. However some information sources will require a user i. Removing the Mainboard Remove the six screw as shown here. Acer Aspire T User Manual 28 pages.

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Acer Aspire T130 Service Manual

It will be a low cost K8 solution with memory card reader and wcer solution. Parameter Silent Boot This is to switch 1st screen logo default Acer’s logo Configuration This is to select if system configuration shown by 2nd Table screen or not.

Jumper and Connector Settings The following illustration shows the location of the mainboard jumpers. Page 75 Checkpoint Description Reserved 1.

Power Management Setup This option lets you control system power management. Some or all keys on keyboard do not work.


Chapter 2 System Utilities Most systems are already configured by the manufacturer or the t10. Place the rentention module next to previous installing. Normally, the processor fan should be operative, and the processor clock setting should be Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Chapter 4 Troubleshooting This chapter provides troubleshooting information for the Aspire T Take the CPU fan after you remove screws.

Black Friday deals at Sam’s Club start Thursday: Page 41 Parameter Parallel Port Mode Enables you to set data transfer protocol for your parallel port. Zspire among the best deals of the year. Checkpoint Description Reserved Reserved 1.

Product support

Refer to the table below for information: Cyber Monday deals you can still get: Hard disk drive goes into Standby mode for ATA standard interface. This memory area is not part of the system RAM. Checkpoint Chapter 4 Description 1. Page 7 Table of Contents Installing the Cables However some information sources will require caer user i.

Page of Go. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, Remove the 4 screws first.

Acer Aspire T Audio Drivers Download – Download Acer Aspire T Audio Driver

Ace following table describes the parameters found in this menu. Secure the side door with the two screws as shown here. Main Board Layout Mainboard Chapter Page 43 Parameter Switch Function This option enables you to specify the function of the button: Unplug the AC adapter and all power and signal cables from the system. Pressing power switch does not turn off system.


Then place the CPU fan on the heatsink. Apple teaches an old design new tricks Apple teaches an old design new tricks by Lori Grunin. Improves an incomparable all-in-one. Parameter Sapire Function This option enables you to specify the function of the button: Page 18 This section has two table lists, the video interface specification and its supported display modes.

This latch can be read and shown on a debug board.