I don’t imagine it was massively difficult if you have the correct card. Can anyone provide any more details on the procedure? Having a license file tied to a piece of hardware has always been a sketchy business in my experience. Thu May 07, 9: It has reserved pins which are the programming voltage and program enable and it repurposes other pins when program enable is asserted. Mon May 11,

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Assume that we are in register window zero. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Does the network card have to be 3COM?

3Com 3c – Wikipedia

May 7, Posts: Jun 6, Posts: You’ll need the manual anyway if you want to understand driver details. Set IRQ line in bits Fri May 08, 5: Cards with their tag set will not respond to subsequent ID sequences.

VM adapters can 3fom the macs changed, does this have be in a physical machine? Mon May 11, 5: Mon May 11, 7: BloodyCactus Ars Praefectus Tribus: We just happen to have numerous 3Com cards in the bone yard and also the EtherDisks, 3co, I thought I could make a couple of spares without doing much work.


We’re talking about licenses for 4 seats plus expensive options on a floating license setup. This is for an old, but very expensive, CAD license that the software company simply has no reason to support because it is such an outdated version.

Thu May 07, 9: Because of the way 3c ISA detection works it’s difficult to predict a priori which of several ISA-mode cards will be detected first.

Removed the ‘Unexpected interrupt’ bug. Mon May 11, 8: Your computer dies and the software company says “Oh well, we’ll fix it, but you have to buy a new license. Jan 21, Posts: Regardless of what the docs say some people definitely get problems with lower but in card spec delays v1. I’ve got the same problem as the originator of that 3con, CADdie, and I happen to be locked to a dying 3Com card. We change to register window 6, so this should be run single-threaded if the device is active.


Aug 17, Posts: Fri May 08, 4: Its in the readme. Feb 27, Posts: This 33com does not use predictive interrupt mode, resulting in higher packet latency but lower overhead. Not every 3Com Card can be changed. What the hell OS is this computer running.


A 3c EtherLink3 ethernet driver for linux. I’m sure any sort of virtual environment will not work for this, but thanks for the idea.

This has never been publically documented and your chances of having a compatible EEPROM burner are zero You bought the prepackaged chips directly from 3com even if you were a card maker, which you weren’t, because 3com made most of its own cards: Now, I don’t remember exactly how, but as I posted back then and as my memory serves, I know I did do it and it 3c59c work.