The value of the DSN keyword cannot consist only of blanks and should not contain leading blanks. I have inserted the instance name and port. The driver attempted to display its login dialog box and failed. Rules for the construction of the driver connection string where keywords overlap are as follows:. Description of the driver as returned by the SQLDrivers function.

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If the connection string contains the DSN keyword, the Driver Manager retrieves the driver associated with the data source from the system information. HYT00 Timeout expired The login timeout period expired before the ,icrosoft to the data source completed.

If these special characters are present in the password for SQL server connection, the session will have issues. Note Disabling connection pooling may affect the performance of your application. The complete error code is as follows: If any keyword appears in a connection string with FILEDSNthen the attribute value of the keyword in the connection string is used rather than the attribute value of the same keyword in the.

Connection failed.

The Driver Manager copies the connection string specified by the application. Establish a connection using a partial connection string or no additional information; in this case, the Driver Manager and the driver can each prompt the user for connection information. The driver was unable to allocate memory required to support execution or completion of the function.


Kindly note that there are no password issues as I use the same credentials to connect to the SQL server using Aqua studio.

If the connection string does not contain the DSN keyword or the data source is not found, the Driver Manager retrieves the driver associated with the Default data source from the system information. Friday, April 4, 9: The UID keyword is ,icrosoft a. Constructs a connection string for the driver.

Might be totally unrelated, but might be worth checking WindowHandle [Input] Window handle. Rules for the construction of the driver connection string where keywords overlap are as follows:.

Checks whether the file name of the. SQLDriverConnect mcrosoft the following connection attributes: It constructs a connection string from the data source name returned by the dialog box and any other keywords passed to it 01s000 the application. Comments A connection string has the following syntax: Clicking OK on this dialog makes the dialog go away,and the app works as normal.

Turn on more accessible mode. To resolve this issue, use DSN based connection. Using the connection string it has constructed, the Driver Manager determines which driver to use, connects to that driver, and passes the connection string it has constructed to the driver; for more information about the interaction of the Driver Manager and the driver, see the “Comments” section in SQLConnect Function.

I had a windows update once that changed the locale of my machine from en-GB to en-US.


MaxPD – Thanks for your reply. Sign in to vote. Proposed as answer by Jens K. I know this for sure becuase I have 2 PCs running side by side and the same application more or less.

IM Specified driver could not be loaded DM The driver listed in the data source specification in the system information or specified by the DRIVER keyword microsogt not found or could obdc be loaded for some other reason.

SQLDriverConnect Function

For more information, see “File Data Sources,” later in this section. The application can pass the handle of the parent window, if applicable, or a null pointer if either the window handle is not applicable or SQLDriverConnect will not present any dialog boxes.

What can we do to improve this information or fewer characters. Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the “Applies to” section. The file name of a. IM Driver does not support this microosft DM The driver corresponding to the specified data source name does not support the function.